Published April 4, 2018


Every night is date night- You can relax with ease knowing that you don’t have anywhere to go every night. Knowing you don’t have to cook, you can show up and have special seating for you and your loved one to enjoy each other’s company, and the delicious dining options. Maybe a dinner and a show, there are always live entertainment onboard to elevate your date night. If you want to be more romantic, take a walk around the deck and see the sunset and the stars above.

Amazing sunsets- Open ocean sunsets are a thing of beauty. Taking a walk around the deck, or maybe enjoying yourselves on loungers on your private verandah or balcony is a great way to end the day.

No household responsibilities- There is no stress to do any type of housework. No cooking, cleaning, or any type of chores are necessary onboard. You can even escalate the luxury with a butler service with additional charges. In addition, with flexible dining, you can decide when you want to have breakfast, lunch or dinner every day!

Making lasting memories- A cruise is an amazing way to make lasting memories with your loved one. There are so many activities onboard to enjoy as well as different ports of call depending on your itinerary, to explore a different location and make more memories in an exotic climate.

There is time for lazy days- Everyday life can be stressful… not on a cruise! Onboard you can fill your days with lots of activities, or choose to do nothing at all! Cruises are very flexible in fitting everyone’s vacation needs and desires.

Breakfast in bed options- What is more romantic than enjoying served to your breakfast in bed? Order some breakfast from room service and enjoy your time with your loved one in bed, or if you have a balcony, enjoy the views and maybe the sunrise!