Alex & Karim's Jamaica Wedding

Alex & Karim's Jamaica Wedding

At the Borghinvilla, Jamaica

Published March 26, 2019


Where they tied the knot: Borghinvilla Wedding Venue in Jamaica

Wedding Day: February 18th, 2019

Bride's Gown: "The Lacy Sutton" from LoversLand

Grooms Suit: Custom made at Harry Rosen

Photography: Dean Clarke Photography

First Song: "Cuban Pete" from the movie The Mask [lol...don't ask]


Why we Loved the Borghinvilla: Borghinvilla is saturated with the natural beauty around it: lush garden spaces full of tropical plants and blooms, and dramatic rocky cliffs on the edge of a sandy shoreline. The different textures and colors make incredible backdrops for photos, especially at sunset. There are romantic private areas, as well as big open spaces, so there is someplace for every type of person to enjoy. The staff took great care of us. Without us having to ask, they quickly provided a proper steamer when the wedding dress got water from our travel steamer spilled all over the back of it, moments before the ceremony! They also quickly worked out any last minute adjustments to the lighting and reception space, to make it more gorgeous than we could have dreamt of. 


Wedding day Review: Although we were not able to see the venue, or meet Almarie until a day or two before the wedding, she far exceeded our expectations for quality of decor, services and design. We were blown away by the care and effort TWJ took to give us a fun, memorable and stress-free experience. Our cigar roller was a huge hit, and our guests had a blast on the dance floor all night long. The catered Jamaican-style buffet dinner was delicious, and paying extra for extended bar and DJ service was definitely worth it! Our guests loved that they had the entire romantic, mood-lit venue all to themselves. This was one of the best things about having an off-site wedding, rather than a typical resort one. We customized the day to what we wanted it to be, and our planners delivered. We had absolute privacy, all the comforts, and the freedom to have our wedding our way. Getting off the resort was a very welcome change of scenery for us and our guests, and we're very happy that we trusted Amanda's recommendation to go with this option. We heard "this was the best wedding ever!" several times throughout the night from our guests. So all thanks to Now Destinations, TWJ and Borghinvilla, we will all only remember the day with smiles, good times and lots of laughter.


NOW Destinations Review: When we decided to have our wedding in Jamaica, we knew we wouldn't be equipped to handle booking flights and resorts for almost 90 people, and planning a wedding on top of it all. Amanda (our current superstar agent) was absolutely essential to the awesome wedding/vacation we ended up having. They facilitated bookings from all over the world, and even gladly assisting guests who booked on their own outside of Now Destinations. Although organizing such a large group must have been stressful and overwhelming, our agents ensured we felt none of that pressure. They were also the most integral part of the wedding planning process. Amanda diligently worked with TWJ and the Grand Bahia Principe on our behalf, and alleviated all that stress from us. We were probably the type of couple most planners wouldn't like, because we had very little interest in being too closely involved with the details and overall look and feel of the wedding. Amanda took what vague vision we had, and worked with us, as well as TWJ, to deliver an outcome that surpassed anything we could have come up with on our own. More importantly, she updated us regularly through every step of the process with lots of visuals, valuable suggestions and feedback. Amanda really went above and beyond as a true, experienced professional (who was also busy planning her own wedding amid all this chaos!). Her integrity, good taste, hard work and attention to detail solidified our wedding as an amazing, unforgettable event for us and all our guests. Not to forget that she had also prepared a full itinerary of organized group activities for us at the resort. Thank you for everything, Now Destinations Team!