All you need to know about Weddings in Anguilla

All you need to know about Weddings in Anguilla

Published May 8, 2018

Anguilla Weddings

Anguilla has beautiful white sand beaches and an amazing Caribbean atmosphere. Beaches are the main attraction on the island, however, Anguilla has so much to offer. There are golf courses for those looking for a tee time. There are scuba and snorkeling options to use in the crystal clear waters. Anguilla, along with their wide variety of hotel and resorts, has world-class cuisine to choose from. 

Marriage Requirements

For those looking to get married in Anguilla, they require valid passports and original birth certificates, and if applicable, divorce and death decrees are also required. 

Travel Information

To visit Anguilla, you will need valid passports. Make sure to advise your country's travel information website for more information and possibly other travel documents. The official language of Anguilla is English and their official currency is the East Caribbean dollar, however, US dollars are accepted all over the office. 

Anguilla Highlights

Anguilla has a beautiful tropical climate with an average of 80 degrees F. Their rainy season is September and October, however, the rest of the year is hot and sunny! Anguilla is equipped with 12 miles of coastline beaches and is known for being not as crowded as any other beaches in the Caribbean.