Destination Weddings in Puerto Rico

Destination Weddings in Puerto Rico

Published May 9, 2018

Puerto Rico Weddings

Marriage Requirements

If you are planning on getting married in Puerto Rico you will need to bring with you your valid passports, birth certificates and an affidavit stating where you live and that your sole purpose on the island is to get married. In addition, you will need medical certification that meets all the tests required. This must be done 10 days before your wedding date, as they are only valid for 10 days.  Divorce and death decrees are needed if applicable. 

Travel Information

Valid passports are a requirement when traveling to Puerto Rico. Make sure to advise your country's travel information website for more information and possibly other travel documents. Puerto Rico has 2 official languages, English and Spanish. You can expect everyone to speak both fluently. The currency accepted in Puerto Rico is USD. Credit cards are widely accepted across the island. 

Puerto Rico Highlights

Puerto Rico, a tropical US territory is the perfect place for a destination wedding. There are amazing beaches to choose from, all looking out into the Atlantic Ocean. The city atmosphere is like no other. Amazing shopping centers and cityscapes. The island has some world-class restaurants to choose from, for a little night on the town. Puerto Rico is also an amazing scuba place for those looking for some adventure!